A Huddle Workspace makes it simple to focus on the work that matters

Huddle is built around Workspaces

Keeping work on track can be challenging. Content becomes scattered across multiple file stores, client updates sit waiting for you to read in email, tasks are buried in a task management system, and your enterprise messaging app just won’t stop buzzing with new alerts. Huddle changes this.

We pioneered the idea of Workspaces, and they're still central to what we do today. Our Workspaces bring together the people, content, tasks, and conversations associated with your project. So, instead of being scattered across multiple apps, everything you need to get work done is right there, in one place.



Build Workspaces around your team, project, or client engagement

You can build a Huddle Workspace around a project, a team, or a client. It’s your secure container where everyone involved can access and work on the content they need, manage document related tasks (like reviewing or approving), and even discuss the latest updates. Over time you’ll find that you’ll become a member of multiple Workspaces. Perhaps one for each of your clients, some for your internal teams, and others for cross-functional projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Workspace be used with external clients?

A Workspace is designed as a secure space for you to work with both your internal team and external stakeholders such as clients and partners.

How do I access my Workspace?

You can be a member of multiple Workspaces. Once you sign in to Huddle you can easily switch between all of the Workspaces that you are a member of. 

Can anyone view a shared file or my tasks?

Users must be invited to your Workspace. You can then assign Workspace members to different teams, and control which files they can see and use.

How can I roll back to a previous document version?

Huddle keeps a record of all historical versions of your files. You can compare any past version with the most current version and even download it.

Can I multiple people edit a document at the same document?

If you use Microsoft Office Online or Google Apps for Work, you can open a file from Huddle directly into the associated app and co-edit. Changes are automatically sent back to Huddle. 

How do I manage tasks in a Workspace?

A Workspace combines all of the activity you need to get work done. You can set approvals and manage tasks against your documents without ever leaving Huddle. 

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