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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collaborate with clients?

Huddle is built for external collaboration with clients and partners. Create client teams in Huddle and securely control files access and editing. You can even set tasks and approvals.

What should I consider when choosing a collaboration solution?

It is important to think about the security of your solution, especially when working with external partners and clients. Not all solutions are built for external collaboration and can be limited in their controls and features.

How secure is Huddle?

Huddle meets the major security certifications you need to be sure that your sensitive content is secure, including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, FedRAMP, Hipaa, and more.

Who can access my files?

Only people with the correct team permissions, and that have been invited into a Huddle Workspace, can access your files. You can modify, and even revoke, access at any time.

What is document version control?

When changes are made to a file, Huddle will synchronize everyone to the latest version. It removes the risk (and confusion) of people working on multiple versions of a file.

Does Huddle offer mobile apps for Android and iOS?

Yes. Huddle offers native apps for both Android and iOS devices – meaning you can access files, check tasks and comments, and even monitor approval while on the move.