Product Development

Stay innovative

Today’s competitive markets demand that you stay agile and innovative. That means aligning your teams and enabling better collaboration. 

From research and development, through to product management, Huddle frees your business to better ideate, control IP, share ideas and launch effectively. 

Here are just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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Research & Development

By its very nature, the R&D process is highly collaborative, with teams often based in multiple sites and even multiple organizations. Huddle allows these teams to come together to share data and ideas and manage tasks. Thanks to Huddle’s government-grade security, IP is protected and all user and document activity tracked and logged. 

Read how scientific breakthroughs happen with Huddle.

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Product launch

When it’s time to launch your product or service, there are teams across your business that need to be trained, partners that need to be engaged, and clients that have to be informed. Use Huddle to manage the launch process; coordinating activity across multiple teams, controlling product documentation and keeping all stakeholders fully briefed. 

Find out how Panasonic uses Huddle to support product launches.

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