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The #1 solution for secure and productive team collaboration across enterprise and public sector.

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Better team collaboration

If you’ve ever tried to work together as a team on a document, you know the challenges. You attach your document to an email and share it with several stakeholders and departments. What you get back are several different versions. Now you have to pick through emails, review everyone's feedback, and consolidate changes. Real-time, co-editing can be equally difficult, with almost no control over who’s making changes, and when.

Huddle is different. With a Huddle secure collaboration portal, your stakeholders and contributors come to you. Huddle automatically manages your document versions, prevents duplicate edits, and tracks changes between versions. You can even compare versions, and set document approvals, all while keeping your sensitive data secure - it's what makes Huddle the most trusted team collaboration software for enterprise and public sector teams.

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Collaborate externally with clients

Huddle even makes it easy to collaborate and work on content with clients and partners outside of your organization. Relying on email or consumer-grade file sharing tools to share confidential information externally is no longer an option. Your information security requirements demand greater data security and governance around how sensitive data is shared. 

Huddle's Workspace model allows you to quickly build teams of internal or external users, each with their own access and editing rights. Huddle isn't just an open content management system, it's an intelligent cloud-based secure collaboration portal, with every user and document action tracked, so you can always see who has access to your content, and what they're doing with it. 

With Huddle, your teams, clients and partners, can come together in a single platform to share, discuss, and work together on their content, with complete confidence.

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A trusted SharePoint alternative

Huddle is the #1 alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Rapid deployment. No heavy IT-support required.
  • Advanced security though Single Sign-On and Two Factor Authentication. 
  • Data security controls and encryption.  
  • Cloud-based and accessible across desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Proven client collaboration for professional services organizations.

Document collaboration

Huddle connects "content to people" in secure cloud-based workspaces.

  • Review documents and co-edit in real-time with your clients (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Business intelligence shows how your content is being used. . 
  • Assign tasks to your team and partners, and track through a shared calendar.
  • Trusted across government agencies and public sector organizations. 
  • Secure file sharing and content synchronization across devices.

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