Secure, bespoke, and branded portals

Huddle transforms the way you work on projects and build relationships with your clients through its cloud-based client portals. Whether you need to collaborate across borders or businesses, we can help you add great value to your company.

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Put your best foot forward when starting a new project

Promote a single-source-of-truth to avoid falling into the silo trap. Instead of juggling multiple communication tools and apps, bring your people, content and actions together in a client portal.

By providing complete transparency and access to the whole project teams, no matter where they are or what device they are using, you can collaborate in real-time, share and edit files and manage team activity in a secure, shared environment.

Huddle Client gives you the security, ease of collaboration, and efficiency that clients expect from their professional relationships.

Keep Control And Work On Track

Controlled Collaboration

A single-source-of-truth for all.

Keep control of document versions, co-edit, make comments, manage content and request files, all in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Each document includes its own comments stream which will help you align conversation to your content. A client portal solves these top three control challenges:

Multiple versions of the same document are created causing version confusion as well as wated time and resources.

Many disparate, unintegrated apps are used to have conversations and hold information pertinent to the project.

Sensitive data can't easily be shared outside of both yours and your client’s firewall

The questions the partners and member firms are now being asked by their new clients when they’re pitching for work is no longer ‘Do you use a client portal?’; it’s ‘What kind of client portal do you use?

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Government-grade Security

Huddle is a trusted leader in secure collaboration.

Our client portal is equipped with government-grade security, FedRAMP approved in the U.S and G-Cloud authorised in the U.K., as well as being bank-level encrypted. Your clients can be confident that their sensitive data and intellectual property is protected, making it a safer way to share data than traditional methods.

Safely use outside of both yours and your client’s firewalls.

• Control access to your client portals through the robust permissions settings.

Integrate your Single Sign-On 2FA solution for added security.

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Protect client relationships

The need to retain clients is vital.

Huddle helps you improve customer satisfaction and gives you the opportunity to engage with your clients in a meaningful way. Providing a branded experience for your clients lets them know you are a modern, secure, and reliable company to work with. Clients want to see:

How they directly impact processes

How they move projects forward

What everyone's responsibilities are in one place

Keep conversations aligned to your content and project deliverables, accelerating customer satisfaction and creating lasting relationships with your clients.

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Start collaborating in minutes

Huddle is quick to deploy with no heavy I.T. support, for you or your clients and stakeholders.

With nothing to install, you can simply gain access online through the cloud. Plus, your I.T. team won’t be bogged down with a prolonged, difficult set up.

Share your licenses with your clients and stakeholders, the simple sign-up with their own email address will allow a dramatic speed-up in workflow and output. Huddle supports large files of up to 20gb in all formats and will save you time taken up by frustrating administration.

"For any client engagements we work on, Huddle is mission critical."

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Access any time any where

Unfortunately, many enterprises today suffer from data silos.

Important enterprise content is locked away across a variety of content management systems, messaging applications, and even an employee's personal devices or file sharing services. With Huddle, every document you work on for your business or project can be stored in the client portal. This helps keep project momentum going, eliminating bottlenecks.

Huddle lets you and your client access everything you need from the portal through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone - anywhere in the world.

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Comply with industry regulations

Are you complying with industry regulations?

Huddle’s client portal can help you meet compliance and regulatory demands, including the data protection laws in any jurisdiction you operate in. The automatic audit trail that helps you to easily evidence the steps you have taken when storing and sharing documents and data securely.

Every activity you conduct in Huddle is tracked which includes the name of users and timestamps of actions made. With every action stored, you can easily pull reports that make you audit ready, all the time.


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Frequently asked questions

How do my clients access Huddle?

Simply invite your clients into a dedicated Huddle Workspace where they can access and collaborate on files, share updates, progress tasks and approvals, and more. In Huddle you can even track their activity and see which files they are viewing.

How much does Huddle cost?

It depends on the plan and number of users that best fits your requirements. However, we most of our plans offer free licenses for your clients.

How easy is Huddle to use for my clients?

Huddle is incredibly easy to use and your teams and clients will productive immediately. In-app guidance and full online help guides make it simple to get started with files, tasks, approvals, file requests, and more.

How safe is my content?

Huddle meets the major security certifications you need to be sure that your sensitive content is secure, including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, FedRAMP, Hipaa, and more.

What makes Huddle a good client portal solution?

Managing client engagement can be complex, with files, actions, discussions, and approvals easily lost across multiple apps. Huddle combines everything you need to manage a client engagement in one, secure space.