Bids and Proposals Toolkit: Remove frustration and create the winning formula

Successful bids and proposals are a critical part of any business. They fight off competition, win business, and generate revenue. But creating them doesn't always come easily. 

Buidling good relationships with subject matter experts can be difficult. Brain drain is all too common. And sometimes gathering all the information you need, and having full visibility of relevant documents, is trickier than it should be. 

To help you get rid of these frustrations and create the winning formula in your proposal strategy, we've put together this handy toolkit. Containing 6 easy to follow steps, you can learn how to free up your team's time so that you can focus on the things that matter:

  • crafting the outline proposal so that every word counts
  • ensuring the project meets the key deliverables
  • ensuring the ‘story’ is of the highest quality