Huddle responds to demand for smarter working with BlackBerry application

16 June 2010

Huddle, the world’s only true provider of intercompany collaboration in the cloud, today announced the launch of its BlackBerry application.

With BlackBerry holding almost a fifth (19.4 per cent) of worldwide smartphone market share and more than a third (37 per cent) of US enterprise market share,1 Huddle wanted to ensure that people using the device could connect with their colleagues, customers and suppliers, share information and work better together when on the move.

Recognizing that an increasing number of organizations are introducing smarter, more flexible working practices, Huddle’s BlackBerry app gives people full access to document sharing, project tasks, discussions and whiteboards, as well as a complete view of the user’s personalized dashboard.

“Due to advances in technology, we’re really starting to see a shift in the way people work,” said Andy McLoughlin, Co-founder and Global VP Business Development, Huddle. “With the latest hardware, software and high-speed connectivity, people are waking up to the fact that they can access the information they need, from wherever they are located. They can now work as effectively on-the-go as they can when in the office. Rather than being simply a shortcut to the Huddle web site, the app is a true native app that will make it even easier for staff to connect with their colleagues and securely share information with not only people inside of their business, but also customers and suppliers outside of their organization.”

Huddle’s BlackBerry app, designed and built with the help of Rapid Mobile Media Ltd, is the latest addition to the company’s mobile offering, which includes Huddle for iPhone and Huddle for iPad. The app is optimized for BlackBerry Pearl (8100-8230), BlackBerry Curve (8300-8900), BlackBerry Bold (9000-9700), BlackBerry Storm/Storm2 (9500-9550), and BlackBerry Tour (9630-9650) on BlackBerry OS 4.5 or higher.

The read-only version of the BlackBerry app is free to all users. Upgrading to the fully-featured version costs £2.99 / $4.99 and enables users to upload files, reply to discussions, and edit and manage data. The free version of Huddle for BlackBerry is currently available at


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