Huddle is making it easier than ever to manage document-related tasks and keep work moving

10 October 2019

New release aims to cut down the time wasted on creating, managing and tracking tasks relating to users’ files




London, United Kingdom – 10th October, 2019: Huddle, a recognized leader in document collaboration and client engagement portals, has today released a major new upgrade to improve how users create, manage and track tasks for the files they’re working on.


The release, which incorporates an all-new interface, allows users to create a task directly from the File View in any Huddle Workspace. So, whether it’s requesting a client to review a document before an official approval, or asking a team to read the latest updates in advance of a status call, keeping track of file-related tasks in Huddle now becomes faster and more transparent for users.

“Keeping track of file-related tasks can be time-consuming. In fact, employees can spend up to 4.5 hours a day on document-related activities (such as managing document review cycles and chasing approvals),” explains Martin Saberton, Head of Growth at Huddle. “That’s why we’ve completely rethought the interaction between files stored in Huddle, and how users create tasks against them – after all, collaborating on content is about more than just editing and sharing the file itself. There are often dozens of peripheral tasks that happen around a file – from needing an auditable record that someone has reviewed the document, through to a request for more information. This release makes that even easier.”

Founded in 2006, Huddle pioneered the concept of cloud-based collaborative Workspaces; allowing organizations to mobilize teams (and their clients) around their content. This latest release stays true to that vision, with users now having access to all of the information and context they need about their files - from team comments, to approvals, and now outstanding and competed tasks – available in one secure, and auditable place.

“By making it easier to create, assign and manage their file-related tasks, we can improve transparency for content and projects that are dependent on multiple stakeholders; helping users to see their work through to completion faster,” finishes Martin.

About Huddle

Huddle is a recognized leader in document collaboration and client engagement portals. It is used across government organisations and in the commercial sector, including the accounting and advisory industry where more than half of the world’s top 10 global firms use Huddle to mobilize teams around their most important client engagements.


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