FedRAMP-Certified Government Collaboration Software

Huddle breaks down silos, reduces cost, and improves federal agency collaboration and document security.

Modernize government IT

Huddle has become the most trusted document management and collaboration software solution for government. In the U.S, Huddle was the first solution of its type to achieve FedRamp certification, and in the UK, we’ve long been an official Crown Commercial Service Supplier, available through the G-Cloud marketplace.

No other document management software or collaboration platform is as proven in government organizations and public sector bodies as Huddle.

How our government clients use Huddle


With many inspections requiring field work, Huddle's collaboration solution allows inspectorates and the organizations they engage with to submit and fulfil document requests, collaborate on content, track document activity and manage access from their desktop and mobile devices. 

Multi-Agency collaboration

When agencies don’t run on the same systems, users often default to insecure methods of sharing files – including email or consumer-grade file sharing apps. Huddle is cloud-based, so easily accessible by anyone with access to a web browser.

External partner collaboration

Huddle offers a secure, shared environment that allows government agencies to work confidently with private sector suppliers and partners. Robust security controls, audit trails and permissions keep your sensitive data secure and reduce risk when sharing and collaborating externally, including running private sector tenders and for contract management.

Secure file sharing

With so much attention given to data privacy, government organizations can't risk sharing files through consumer-grade file sharing apps, USB flash drives, or even email - which can be susceptible to attack. Huddle's robust encryption and access controls make it the safest way to share confidential content and federal communications.

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Driving digital transformation

Huddle brings together people, content, and communication, in a single collaborative, and cloud-based workspace. 

  • Teams from multiple agencies and departments can work together and coordinate projects and work in a secure, shared environment.
  • The most secure way to share confidential files and collaborate on content - even with external private-sector partners. 
  • Digitally manage document reviews and approvals, and automatically control document versions.
  • Secure mobile apps allow remote, instant access to files while you're on the move.
  • Fully compliant with current GDPR requirements (including the storage of personnel files). 
  • Reduce the amount of staff time spent on administrative tasks. 
  • Robust document management system used across federal government agencies - including the Department of Defense.

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Document management meets collaboration

Huddle is more than a government document management solution. Our collaboration tools make it easy for you to create, share, edit, and collaborate on content with your team, other government agencies, and even private sector partners. 

  • Better version control. Forget trying to control document versions manually. Automatic version control means everyone always has access to the latest version of a file. Huddle also stores all previous document versions, so you can always roll-back if you need to. 
  • Co-edit. Huddle integrates out-of-the-box with your existing productivity tools, so you can easily co-edit a document in Microsoft O365 or Google Apps, and directly sync back to huddle with a single click.
  • Stay connected to the conversation. Every document in Huddle has its own comment stream. @mention individuals or entire teams to keep the real-time conversation connected to the content.
  • Audit trail. All activity in Huddle is time-stamped and logged, so you can always track who’s viewed your content, and when!

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Reduce technology spend and operating costs

Modernize your IT. Huddle is cloud-based, making it the most effective solution possible. 

  • No expensive set-up, integrations, or maintenance fees.
  • Always up-to-date with the latest release and collaborative software features.
  • A single solution to cover file sharing, document collaboration, file uploading, and storage.
  • Dramatically reduces reliance on paper documents and print-outs.
  • Secure apps for your users' mobile devices.

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