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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Huddle cost?

We have different plans depending on your needs. On some of our plans we even provide you with free licenses to share with your clients. We’ll offer you a comprehensive quote after your demo.

Is Huddle secure?

Huddle offers industry-leading levels of security and is trusted not only across enterprise, but also by government agencies. Keeping your content (and your clients’ content) secure is our number one priority.

Can I use Huddle on my mobile device?

Huddle is available through your PC and through apps for iOS and Android, so you can keep track of the latest activity even when you’re on the road.

How can I access a previous document version?

Huddle keeps a record of all historical versions of your files. You can compare any past version with the most current version and even download it.

Can I request multiple files at the same time?

Huddle’s File Request feature allows you request up to 500 files at a time. When files are uploaded, they are automatically sent to the Workpspace and folder that you assigned.

I want to test out Huddle. How can I do that?

After your demo we can provide you (and your colleagues) with free access to your own Huddle Workspace where you can test the features for yourself.