U.S. Government

U.S Government Agencies and Contractors use Huddle to reduce risk and improve security when sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects and working with private-sector partners.

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FedRAMP Authorized

Huddle was the first cloud collaboration solution to be FedRAMP Authorized, and is now the most trusted solution for Government Agencies and Contractors looking to collaborate securely on files and keep track of team activity.

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Work across teams, agencies and private-sector

With a Huddle Workspace, you can securely share and work on your documents with internal colleagues, as well as partners from Federal, State and Local Government agencies. Huddle can even be used to safely work and exchange files with private-sector Government Contractors.

“Our teams need to share files across a very secure network. Huddle helps us do that.” 

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More than just secure file sharing

Huddle is more than just secure file sharing. In your Huddle Workspace, you can co-edit files, comment and discuss updates, set tasks and even manage document approvals. It means everyone is always connected and synchronized to the latest updates, making it easier for you to coordinate work and keep projects on track.

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Huddle for U.S. Government Contractors

Huddle is also available to U.S. Government Contractors who need to securely work with their Government clients. Using Huddle allows Contractors to demonstrate compliance with the Federal Cloud Smart policy, protect their business from data breaches, and build stronger partnerships with their Agency partners.  

Learn more about Huddle for USG contractors

“Huddle enables us to work together more efficiently. It's a major improvement.” 


Our FedRAMP Authorized solution protects your data inside and out, with both in-transit and at-rest encryption, and robust security controls, audit trails and permissions to make it possible to work with suppliers, grantees or any outside non-government partner.

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