Advertising, Marketing and Media

Stay on track when working across multiple projects, juggling client deadlines, and controlling file approvals.

Keep Work On Track 8 (1)
Work better as a team

Account management

From the smallest engagements to the largest multinational projects, Huddle lets your teams work more efficiently together. Create Huddle workspaces around client projects to keep documents and tasks in check, teams engaged and knowledge flowing between stakeholders - even across multiple offices and partner agencies. 

Secure Collabortaion Update 2 2 (1)
Engaging client relationships

Client portals

Stop sharing important client material through email or consumer-grade file sharing apps. Create engaging, client-branded portals where teams can manage the collection of client materials, agree campaign strategy, securely communicate with project stakeholders, and manage project deliverables. 

Intelligent Controls Update 1 (1)
Keep control of your files

Asset management and file sharing

From simple client reports to advertising content, Huddle keeps your files under control. With all user and document activity recorded, and with every document featuring its own comment stream and activity feed, Huddle makes sure you always have access to the latest files and information across all of your devices – so there’s no risk of out-of-date information being shared. 

Document Version Control 1 (1)
Track how files are used

Production management

Using email and FTP to share client work with third-parties can put sensitive information at risk. Huddle is the safest, most secure way to share files with print partners, fulfilment houses and more - tracking all document and user activity, so you can be sure that the right files have been downloaded by the right people. Powerful admin controls means it's simple to revoke access and restrict how files are used. 

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