UK’s largest retailer gives Huddle stamp of approval

11 October 2013 image

The UK’s largest retailer is also one of Huddle’s largest advocates. The Post Office, which performs approximately 47 million transactions every week, relies on Huddle to support the roll-out of new technology to 750 branches across the UK. With multiple teams working on this program, the Post Office used Huddle to achieve greater collaboration between internal teams and external suppliers and make their documentation more manageable.

Huddle was introduced to support document management and better information sharing within the Post Office’s Application Enrolment and Identification (AEI) Program. AEI supports biometric and biographic enrolment transactions within branches, for example renewing your photo card driving license. The project involves installing new Biometric Enrolment Stations in 750 branches across the UK. These walk-in booths contain cutting-edge technology to capture all the information required by the DVLA to renew your photo-card license in a single transaction.

To roll out these stations, the Post Office needs to collaborate on vast volumes of documentation between external engineers, key Post Office teams, external suppliers and managers.

“The critical issue was finding a supplier with existing government clients that were accredited up to IL2,” says Laura La Grutta, Program Office Manager. “We chose Huddle because it met our security requirements, it was very easy to use and fast to deploy.”

Adoption of Huddle spread quickly, in part because of its ease of use. As Laura says: “Huddle is one of the easiest collaboration tools I have used. I was briefly shown how to use it and within an hour I understood how it worked.”

Eight branches are now live with the new BES units and use of Huddle is spreading to other teams. Laura sums up: “Huddle has been really useful for us in collaborating both internally and with our external suppliers. We love the fact that it is internet-based, so we are not restricted by location. It’s a great value and actually works!”