Improve External Collaboration by Using Slack Connect with Huddle

25 June 2020 image

When teams require external collaboration, they can often experience a dip in efficiency and productivity. Slack have launched Slack Connect which allows up to 20 organisations to come together within a single Slack channel, enabling you to use the enterprise messaging tool more efficiently for conversations beyond your firewall with your clients, partners and stakeholders. 

Added benefit for Huddle users

Huddle already allows its users to integrate Slack Channels with their Workspaces – for example, pushing a notification to a Slack channel when a new file is added to Huddle.

Slack Connect means that clients and partners, who are members of your Workspace, can now also be made members of the connected Slack channel and benefit from the same notifications and alerts as your internal team.

Unify the activity that happens around your most important work

Slack shares a very similar vision to Huddle. We both believe that collaboration has become disjointed. For Slack, their ambition is to replace email and the problems that this technology brings; from siloed mail boxes to the inherent security risks. For Huddle, it’s about creating a structured collaboration experience and unifying the activity that happens around your most important work. This can be from managing client feedback, and controlling document revisions, to overseeing tasks and approvals.

By making that activity visible through your Slack Connect channel, not only do your stakeholders have complete visibility of important Huddle activity (and can engage in a real-time conversation), but you can relax in the knowledge that your content, tasks and activity are being controlled and organized by Huddle and not lost in inboxes, remote file stores, or even lengthy Slack discussions

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