Huddle Tasks - Introducing an all new experience

11 September 2020 image


Have you noticed how easy it is to become overwhelmed by your tasks? You’re constantly checking your email or enterprise messaging app for updates, searching for any associated files, actioning, and sharing updates with stakeholders.

That’s why we’re releasing a comprehensive redesign of Huddle’s Tasks feature; making it even easier to manage and keep track of content, tasks and activity happening in your Huddle Workspaces.

Whether it’s requesting your team to update a status report, asking a client to review a file, or you simply want to remind yourself of key actions to take, our latest updates introduce a host of new features, all designed to help keep your projects running smoothly.

What’s new?

Intuitive Task Management

  • Keep colleagues, clients or partners up to date with task progress by sharing tasks without having to assign them.
  • Add context to your tasks and review workflows by attaching or linking additional files stored in Huddle.
  • View tasks via the dedicated Tasks tab, the Workspace Overview, or directly alongside the file itself.

Optimized Task Filtering

  • Search for tasks by name.
  • Filter tasks by assignee, creator, status or a custom field.

 Reporting & Analytics

  • Audit tasks activity by exporting tasks and associated activity as a .CSV file.

 Visual Summary

  • Greater visibility into your team’s activities and project deliverables. Keep track of progress and identify bottlenecks with color-coded task status and visual summaries.

“Most task management tools forget about the document; all the material to make a decision lives somewhere else. [In Huddle] everything that drives task management is around the document – and that’s great!”

Huddle user (September 2020)

Huddle makes tasks visible and actionable

What makes Huddle so unique is that tasks are always connected directly to your Workspaces and files, and not buried in a static task list.  It means that anyone visiting a file in Huddle can clearly see any completed, or outstanding, tasks against the file; giving them real-time insight into the document’s status without the need to chase colleagues, partners or clients for an update.  This unique approach ensures discussions, file updates, approvals, and tasks are always connected, adding the visibility and accountability you need to keep projects on track, and maintaining a time-stamped, auditable record of your work.

Tasks are available as a feature to all users on Huddle, Huddle Plus and Huddle Premier plans, as well as all UK and U.S Government Plans.