File request: Making bulk requests simple & secure

16 May 2017 image

Today we announced the general availability of File Request, a new feature designed to make the collection of files more secure, and up to 80 percent more efficient.

Whether it’s chasing clients for files, or collating work from colleagues, teams can waste valuable hours requesting, tracking and chasing down documents. Managing the process of gathering files through email and spreadsheets presents a myriad of challenges including file size, mailbox limitations and, in the case of bulk file requests, a real nightmare trying to keep track of who has sent what files.

“We designed File Request to directly address these challenges,” explains Huddle’s Director of Product, Luke Taylor. “Collected content goes straight into Huddle, meaning teams can immediately start collaborating; editing in Microsoft Office, controlling versions, making comments and requesting approvals. Critically, File Request inherits the same industry leading security capabilities used across the entire Huddle platform, so sensitive data is no longer at risk due to simple errors like sending files to the wrong email address, losing a USB flash drive, or accidental sharing of printed media.”

“File Request makes it easy for our clients to quickly check what's needed and then simply drag and drop the requested files straight into Huddle.”


Users can request files from clients and colleagues, and receive them automatically in a chosen Huddle Workspace. File Request simplifies key elements of the file request process, including bulk requests (up to 500 files per Huddle Workspace), sending messages to chase down unfulfilled requests, and making sure documents end up in the right place.

Baker Tilly’s Audit Manager, Kevin Fulcer told us that “Huddle has already made a difference on our client engagements, with many clients preferring the simple interface over email. File Request can make things even easier for our clients who can quickly check what is needed and then simply drag and drop the requested files straight into Huddle.”

With features specifically designed to address every step of the file gathering process, File Request simplifies key activities for both requestors and responders, improving efficiency, reducing frustration and assuring data security. 

Key features of File Request:

  • Efficient file requests: Create requests from within Huddle; add one or more assign­ees, specify the upload location and set a due date. Requests for multiple files (up to 500 per Huddle Workspace) are easily managed, with Huddle automatically notifying assignees of new requests.

  • Responses made easy: File Request makes it quick and easy for assignees to respond and discuss requests. Files can be uploaded directly into the browser (with no special software required), where they are automatically added to the desired location. File size limitations are a thing of the past, with uploads of up to 10GB per file supported.

  • Progress tracking: The File Request dashboard takes the hard work out of document collection by offering a real-time overview and the ability to check the status of your requests; assignees are notified once you’ve accepted the document.

  • Painless chasing: Cut the frustration out of chasing unfulfilled file requests. Projects are kept on track by automated reminders to assignees in the run-up to your deadline.

  • Collected data is secure:  All requests, collected files and associated communication are stored securely in Huddle.

Talking at the launch of File Request, Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle explained: “We’re not simply exporting legacy ways of working into the cloud. File Request is the result of months of intensive research and development, and demonstrates very clearly that Huddle is focused on enabling knowledge workers to get project work done much more efficiently and securely. File Request shows how we put our customers’ business process transformation first, so our customers will be able to gather and manage files in a single, cloud-based environment.”

File Request is available immediately via Huddle’s Free Trial, and to new and existing Huddle customers on Plus, Premier and Government - Official Plans. For more information please visit File Request