Building sales success

Even when they’re on the road, Huddle enables today’s successful sales team to work more efficiently.

Collaborate internally with teams, or externally with your clients, Huddle helps you to demonstrate expertise, meet deadlines, and create valued and trusted relationships. 

Here are just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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Proposal management

Creating compelling proposals that win business requires significant collaboration from subject matter experts across your business; you’ll need input from pre-sales, marketing, pricing committees and more. Managing the process through email can be time consuming and frustrating. Huddle's integration into Microsoft Office makes it simple to work together, control file versions, manage approvals and hit your deadlines! 

Read how Keolis coordinates bid activity across its international bid team.

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Contract negotiations

Contract negotiations can be a tense part of the sales process, but it’s vital that all parties clearly understand their commitments. Contracts go through multiple versions, that’s why relying on email attachments just won’t cut it. In Huddle, every document version has its own comment stream and activity feed so you can always review and clarify changes and agreements.  

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Account management

Use Huddle internally across the account team to manage strategy, control budgets and oversee work commitments. You can even create branded client portals to engage directly with your client, allowing you to share work, exchange ideas and manage approvals – all backed by robust security and a time-stamped audit trail of client and team activity. 

Baker Tilly International uses Huddle to manage its most important client relationships.

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Meeting notes

Capturing meeting notes in Huddle means they can be quickly shared with the team and client and not just buried in a lengthy email chain. Assign tasks against the meeting note, comment on them, and use Huddle’s audit trail to ensure the team has read them. 

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