A more agile marketing team

Whether managing vendors, running customer events or approving the latest press release, your marketing teams need a collaborative platform to control assets and keep projects on track.

Huddle makes document collaboration efficient, file sharing secure and approvals a simple, one-click process - so you spend less time chasing and more time hitting deadlines! 

Here are just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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Asset management

From sales sheets to advertising content, Huddle helps you to maintain control of your marketing assets and create a single source of truth for your files. In Huddle, your stakeholders are always guaranteed to be accessing the latest version of a document so there’s no risk of out-of-date information being shared. 

Find out how Kia manages marketing assets across its international network.

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Vendor management

Vendor management

Today’s marketing teams rely on a network of third-party vendors. Avoid email and version confusion by using Huddle to share marketing assets with printers and fulfilment houses, collaborate on content with freelancers, track activity with your PR agency, manage asset approvals with your advertising partners, and much more. Huddle makes external collaboration simple and secure. 

Learn how British Gas uses Huddle to manage  external marketing partners.

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Event portals

The trade-show floor can be a hectic place. Make the follow-up process easier by inviting prospects into branded, engaging event portals where they can access your event collateral and engage with your team. Huddle’s audit trail means you can even track engagement and activity to identify a hot lead. 

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Press rooms

Create branded media rooms to store your press content. Create public links or share with named individuals or teams. In Huddle, your valuable media contacts will always be accessing the latest version of a document so there’s no risk of out-of-date information being shared with important media influencers. 

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Product launches

Keep your product launches in check. With multiple stakeholders to manage, both internally and externally, Huddle’s project management features make keeping track of team activity simple. Collaborate on documents, schedule and track tasks and securely share files with project stakeholders across your business. 

Panasonic coordinates agency activity and product launches with Huddle.

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