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Control business critical content

Whether you need to engage with suppliers, or maintain a single source of truth for business critical information, Huddle provides a secure environment to keep control of files – ensuring you meet your data governance and compliance targets. 

Here's just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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Supplier management

Keep control of your suppliers in a single, easy to use and collaborative space. Use Huddle to create internal workspaces to measure performance against SLAs with internal stakeholders, or build secure supplier portals to manage supplier relationships, share performance information and reporting.  

From design through to distribution; learn how Rochdale Spears uses Huddle in its daily operations.

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Bid management

Controlling the bid process across several prospective suppliers requires careful coordination. Use Huddle to collaborate on tender documents with your internal teams before creating external tender portals for suppliers to download reference materials and securely upload bid submissions. 

Read how Keolis coordinates bid activity across its international bid team.

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Knowledge base

With more and more places to store our data, businesses struggle with knowledge silos, copy data and out-of-date information being used across teams. Huddle allows you to create a single source of truth in which to store important, business critical information. Keep control of employee handbooks, IT knowledge bases and more. 

Megger uses Huddle to build a knowledge base for sales and technical staff.

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