An engaging employee experience

Attracting the best talent into your organization is paramount.

Huddle helps today’s modern HR team to collaborate externally with recruitment partners, work internally across teams, and even create employee portals to share handbooks and policy documents. 

Here are just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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With Huddle, there’s no more last-minute rush to find a candidate’s resume, email it to stakeholders and print it. Using Huddle means interviewers have immediate access to candidate resumes and screening notes. Notes from the interview can be uploaded to Huddle and shared back with the HR team for review, or securely stored to meet compliance requirements. 

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As an HR professional your role is to ensure a smooth onboarding, and to make sure employees have access to the materials and information they need. Use Huddle to share onboarding materials and policy documents, and ensure compliance by using the document activity feature to measure employee engagement. 

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Employee reviews

Don’t waste time trying to manage employee reviews by email. Use Huddle to make the employee review cycle more efficient for managers; assign tasks, share review materials and guidance notes, and allow them to upload completed assessments for HR review. Huddle’s audit trail and activity feed means you can always track activity and progress.  

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Employee portals

With more and more places to store our data, businesses struggle with knowledge silos, copy data and out-of-date information being used across teams. Huddle allows you to create employee portals in which to store important, business critical information such as your employee handbook and policy documents.

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