Executive & Board

The collaborative executive team

Your executive team needs to be able to work efficiently and securely – there’s simply no room for error.

Huddle meets this need by combining better mobile working, government-grade security, and secure external collaboration to ensure better oversight of business critical projects. 

Here are just some of the things you can do with Huddle...

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Board packs

Huddle replaces the inefficiencies and security risks of collating and sharing board materials through email and paper copies. With Huddle, you can securely manage your board communications, while also enabling better mobile access and a full audit trail of activity; meaning boards can make better decisions, faster.

Huddle is also perfectly suited to managing board and committee papers within public sector organizations and government agencies. 

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Exit planning & funding rounds

Whether you’re in the process of selling a business or raising funding, accurate and timely communication is key to success. Huddle means you can engage securely with your external advisors, stay connected as you rush between meetings, and control how sensitive documents are shared. 

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Annual reports

Compiling your annual report requires collaboration from stakeholders both within, and external to, your business. Relying on email can compromise accuracy and deadlines. Instead, Huddle makes it simple to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders, control file versions, manage approvals and monitor progress to a deadline. 

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Strategy & transformation

Strategy development and transformation initiatives often require you to build teams of subject matter experts from across your business - and beyond. Huddle provides a secure shared environment where teams can come together and collaborate. Moving document collaboration, task setting and approvals out of email and into Huddle means faster, more engaged teams and better execution. 

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