OEM Channel Partner Portals

Ensure compliance, consistency and data security across your distributor and reseller network.

Why Huddle?

Today’s OEMs can no longer rely on legacy email, file sharing or extranet solutions to work with their distributor and reseller partners. Content, tasks, and feedback, are too easily lost in inboxes, and head office teams often have no way of knowing whether distributors (and their own field reps) are even using the latest versions of a document.

With a Huddle OEM Partner Portal, you can share files, manage tasks, track activity and ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need, when they need it; so that you can maintain quality, compliance and efficiency at every step. Huddle Workspaces can be created for each distributor partner – offering them a branded, and personalized space where they can access the content they need and engage with their OEM account reps and HQ teams.

"NGK Spark Plugs (UK) uses Huddle to help its team better communicate, share content and collaborate with its field reps and distributors".

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Single source of truth

Stay connected. From pricing and inventory lists, to marketing assets. Synchronize everyone to the latest updates, so even if your partners are in the field, they’ll always have access to the latest documents, actions, and tasks.

Two-way collaboration. All files stored in Huddle have their own comment thread, allowing your head office teams and your partners to ask questions and discuss the latest updates.

Keep track. Never miss important partner updates. Track tasks and approvals, and use Huddle’s timestamped audit trail to check if resellers and distributors are using your content.

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Maintain security & protect IP

  • Safeguard data. Unlike email, Huddle means you’ll never compromise sensitive company information. Control who can access your files, and set permissions – from read-only, to full edit rights.

  • Manage partner permissions. Decide which areas of your portal, your partners have access to, and the content they can use. Revoke access with a single click.

  • Accuracy. Don’t let important updates get stuck in partners’ inboxes. Ensure accuracy and quality by synchronizing everyone to the latest updates.

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A more engaging experience

  • User friendly. Huddle is a perfect SharePoint alternative and is simple and intuitive to use. Teams are instantly more productive, your partners more engaged, and your work more secure.

  • Speed-up work. Our collaboration features allow you to co-author documents, automatically chase approvals, and share updates with your partners. 

  • Branded. Build more engaging relationships with your resellers and distrbutors. Add partner logos and create a truly branded experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do my channel partners access Huddle?

Simply invite your partners into a dedicated Huddle Workspace where they can access and collaborate on files, share updates, progress tasks and approvals, and more. In Huddle you can even track their activity and see which files they are viewing.

How many licenses will I need?

Most of our plans offer free licenses for your partners and clients, so you only need to buy licenses for your internal teams.

How easy is Huddle to use for my channel partners?

Yes. Huddle meets many key security certifications including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, FedRAMP, Hipaa, and more. We also encrypt your data to ensure it’s protected.

What makes Huddle a good channel partner portal solution?

Managing channel partners can be complex, with files, actions, discussions, and approvals easily lost across multiple apps. Huddle combines everything you need to manage your partners in one, secure space.