Huddle vs SharePoint

Do you need to collaborate with clients and partners?

Here's why you should be considering Huddle as an alternative to SharePoint.

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Huddle makes external collaboration simple and secure

Whether you’re already using SharePoint, or considering a new SharePoint deployment to meet your internal and external cloud collaboration requirements, it’s worth taking some time to consider why small and medium business, large enterprises and government organizations prefer Huddle.

Today's organizations need the tools and services to collaborate more efficiently not only across internal teams, but also externally with clients and partners. Chances are your business has tried to use an existing intranet solution, or SharePoint deployment to meet this challenge.

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Considering the switch?

People proactively use Huddle because it’s powerful, yet easy to learn and use every day. Huddle’s remarkably intuitive design is one of the major reasons Huddle is the #1 SharePoint alternative. It’s engineered to be the kind of document management, collaboration and project management environment we all want to use.

If you're using an existing file sharing tool or collaboration platform such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Onedrive or Egnyte, it's easy to migrate your content to Huddle, and our customer support team will be there to provide technical support for every step of your journey. Integration with Microsoft Office and Google Docs means you can work with your favorite productivity tools and sync content back into Huddle.

Get client collaboration off to a flying start

If you’re considering using SharePoint for your client engagements, you might want to think again. Unfortunately, SharePoint makes external collaboration frustratingly difficult. Client engagement portals can be a differentiating advantage, elevating your offering above the competition and providing great levels of transparency around your engagement activities. As the first experience most clients will have with your portal, the initial sign-in process is probably the most important part of the user experience to get right.

For SharePoint users, the external sign in process is likely to confuse and frustrate, at best slowing down your engagements, and at worst leaving a lasting negative impression about how hard it is for clients to do business with your organization.

Huddle is easy for your clients to use: You can invite your clients to join a cloud-based Huddle Workspace in just a few clicks. And, unlike Microsoft SharePoint, they don't need a Microsoft account to access your content and can access Huddle using their corporate email address.

Strong partnerships with identity providers like Okta, Ping Identity and OneLogin, and an industry standard SAML based implementation, means Huddle has your SSO needs covered and ensures you can retain control even when working with external organizations.


Security and permissions made simple

Document security and user permissions in SharePoint Online can be complicated to manage. Many users may find they need the support of their IT team to ensure they have the correct permissions in place to avoid inadvertently sharing confidential content with the wrong audience.

If, like many of Huddle’s customers, your organization is working on multiple projects, client engagements and initiatives, you’ll want to ensure that each project or engagement can be managed securely and discretely.

Huddle allows you to create dedicated workspaces with easy to use permissions, so that all users, files and activities can be separately managed for each project or engagement. Document collaboration, file storage, user access and permissions can all be tightly controlled. So, whether you’re working on a sensitive client engagement or a confidential internal strategy piece, you can go about your document collaboration activities safe in the knowledge that your clients and employees will only have access to the documents, files and content you intended.

And don’t forget that Huddles FedRAMP approved government grade security credentials provide the confidence you need to work on even the most sensitive of projects across Government, Healthcare or Enterprise.


It’s all about the total cost of ownership

When it comes to understanding the return on investment for a collaboration solution, hidden costs can take the overall outlay per user way beyond the price of the initial licence.

The complexity of managing a SharePoint solution is just one of the reasons why businesses like yours are looking for alternatives. In our work with hundreds of businesses who've looked to find a better solution for content management, file sharing, and collaboration; two other factors are commonly cited:

  • Total cost of ownership: TCO (Total cost of Ownership) is more than just license costs. In fact, when you consider maintenance costs, provisioning, and upgrades, the server-based version of SharePoint can cost thousands of dollars for a single license.  Even with SharePoint Online (where the license costs are bundled within your O365 subscription), the hidden cost of deployment and administration can quickly mount up. Training, migration, customization, administration and implementation should all be considered in your ROI analysis. In the first year of a deployment, non-license costs can actually consume 67% of the Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Maintenance Burden: Because of its complexity SharePoint can require a lot of time and IT resources to maintain. It's one of the reasons why a recent report found that 40% of organizations don’t consider their on-premise SharePoint implementation to be a success.

Huddle scales easily with your organization and can be deployed in a matter of minutes, compared to SharePoint, which takes weeks, or even months. With expert support from our customer success team, usage spreads quickly across your teams, clients quickly adopt Huddle for external collaboration, and Huddle's mobile apps mean teams and clients can keep in touch with the latest activity even when away from the office.


Enhance your O365 investment

By helping organizations overcome Office 365’s external collaboration limitations, Huddle is designed to enhance your existing Office 365 investment with Huddle, regardless of your collaboration scenario.

Integrating with your existing Microsoft productivity tools (including Microsoft's Desktop Office Applications and Office Online for real-time co-authoring) to deliver the security and ease of use your users need, Huddle is the industry’s most trusted solution for cloud-based content collaboration.

If you’re already using SharePoint for internal collaboration or as a system of record, Huddle can complement your existing deployment and all documents can be exported to SharePoint via our Content Connector integration.

Why users prefer Huddle to SharePoint

As a collaboration solution, our users rate Huddle higher than Microsoft SharePoint across ease-of-use, support and collaborative features! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on G2Crowd, which offers a great way to compare products and read real user reviews.

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