The most secure upload portal for business

A document upload portal makes it more efficient, and more secure, to manage the collection of files.

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Manage file uploads when you're on the move

Whether you want to provide your field teams with a more convenient way to upload files, or you want to offer clients a more secure way of sharing sensitive files with you, use Huddle as a document upload portal for greater efficiency and security.

  • File size limitations are a thing of the past, with uploads of 10GB supported. 
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, allow your field teams to securely manage file uploads, wherever they are.
  • All file types supported.

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Request files from clients and partners

If your business relies on clients submitting large volume of documents (perhaps during an audit, or at the start of an annual report), you know how difficult it can be to track progress through email. With Huddle's File Request feature, you can request up to 500 files at a time – assignees are notified of new requests and simply have to drag and drop the requested files into their browser where they’re automatically categorised and saved to the correct folder location.

  • No complex login information required for clients and partners, invite them to your Huddle document upload portal using their existing email address. 
  • File Request feature ensures correct documents are submitted.
  • Track the progress of requested files, and automatically chase overdue requests. 

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Client file sharing

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