Here's why online portal software could be the answer to better client and partner collaboration

Share documents and collaborate with clients and partners.

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A client portal can control and protect your content

Creating client and partner web portals with Huddle isn't only more productive and engaging, but it's safer too! Portal software from Huddle mitigates the security risks associated with sharing content externally via email or consumer-grade file sharing services, and bank-level security offers complete document protection. All activity in Huddle is time-stamped and logged, so whether it’s a piece of work you’re sharing with a partner, or your executive team wants to share news company-wide, Huddle allows you to track who’s viewed your content, and when!

Web portal software

Whether you're a large enterprise or a midsize business, Huddle's client portal software works the way you do. Open your files directly in your Microsoft Office or Google apps, make changes, and click save. It’s that easy! Your changes are now in Huddle, a new version has been created, with email notifications sent to your team so they're aware of the update. It's the perfect collaboration solution. 

  • Review documents and co-edit with colleagues, clients, and partners (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Connects with your Microsoft and Google applications. 
  • Mobile apps keep you connected even when you're away from the office.
  • A portal application you can trust, offering Two factor Authentication and support for single sign-on.

The #1 Sharefile alternative

Whether your organization is already using Sharefile or you’re looking for a better option, Huddle is the perfect alternative for building both enterprise and customer portals. It's simple to use and offers a unique customer experience that improves customer satisfaction. 

  • Build customer portals in a matter of minutes. Huddle is cloud-based so it's easy to manage.
  • It's simple for end-users to log-in - all they need is a web-browser and an email address!
  • Easy to use, with simple content management  and collaborative features. 
  • Share information and updates in real-time with the protection of bank-level security.

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