Enterprise Information Portals

An enterprise information portal that your employees (and clients) will love!

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Unlock your content

Knowledge is at the heart of the modern enterprise, and unlocking that is key to success. Unfortunately, many enterprises today suffer from data silos, meaning important enterprise content is locked away across a variety of content management systems and even employee's own personal file sharing tools. 

  • Enterprise knowledge isn't shared across the business. 
  • Content is recreated, wasting time and resource.
  • Multiple versions of the same document exist, causing version confusion.
  • Knowledge is lost with employees.
  • Content can't easily be shared outside of the firewall (with clients and partners).

Huddle overcomes all of these challenge with an enterprise information portal solution that combines powerful document management controls with the functionality that your teams need to better collaborate with each other, and externally with their clients and partners.

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Powerful collaboration

Huddle is more than just a content management store. Offering all of the collaboration tools your team needs, Huddle makes it easy for you to create, share, edit, and collaborate on content, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. Every document stored in Huddle has its own comment thread, so there's no more jumping between emails to check feedback or review comments - all of your comments, and document revisions are in one place! 

  • Manage approvals: Managing approvals is easy in Huddle, simply set the approvers, and the deadline, and let Huddle manage the workflow for you. And, because every document and user action is logged and time-stamped, it's easy to see when users have read your content. 
  • Mobile apps: Mobile apps for iOS and Android keep users connected to their content and team activity even when they're on the move. Approve documents, manage tasks, and review comments, all from your mobile device or tablet.

Microsoft Office & Google Apps

Huddle's portal software works the way you do. Open your files directly in your Microsoft Office or Google apps, make changes, and click save. It’s that easy! Your changes are now in Huddle, a new version has been created, and your team notified of the update.

  • Review documents and co-edit (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Connects with your Microsoft and Google applications. 
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin makes it easy to import emails and attachments into Huddle.
  • Integrate with multiple sources of enterprise content.

Better control of your content

Combining content, files, and people, a Huddle corporate portal ensures all of your important enterprise content and activity is kept in one, auditable place, making it the perfect solution for medium to large enterprises. 

  • Cloud-based and nothing to install; securely access via a web browser.
  • The #1 Microsoft SharePoint alternative.
  • Integrate your enterprise Single sign-on 2FA solution for added security. 
  • Assign tasks to your team and clients, and track through a shared calendar.

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Huddle lets you build document portals where you can securely share work, manage document storage, track versions, and even request approvals.


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Huddle takes the pain out of bulk document collection, so you save time and keep work on track. Find out how.