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Unlock your content

Unfortunately, many enterprises today suffer from data silos, meaning important enterprise content is locked away across a variety of content management systems, and even employee's own personal email accounts and file sharing services. 

  • Enterprise knowledge isn't shared across the business. 
  • It's difficult to safely control the distribution of content externally (with clients and partners) 
  • Content is recreated, wasting time and resource.

Business portal software from Huddle overcomes these challenges by combining document management software with the functionality your teams demand to better collaborate. It's one secure place, in the cloud, that offers everything you need to manage your content, and securely share it across your business, and externally with clients and partners.

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Powerful collaboration features

Huddle isn't a static online portal or knowledge base. It's built for easy access to the content you need, when you need it, and provides controls around sharing and collaborating. As a powerful collaboration platform, Huddle makes it easy for you to create, share, edit, and work together on content, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. 

Version control: Huddle automatically manages document versions, allowing teams to iterate and edit documents in a controlled way. It's the right solution for teams that need portal software that keeps their enterprise content up-to-date and accurate. 

Discussion: Documents stored in Huddle have their own comment threads, so there's no more jumping between emails to check feedback or review comments - all of your comments, discussions, and document revisions are in one place! 

Mobile apps: Mobile apps for iOS and Android keep users connected to their content and team activity even when they're on the move. Approve documents, manage tasks, and review comments, all from your mobile device or tablet.

Build client portals

Improve customer satisfaction with a cloud-based client portal. Provide a branded experience for your clients to upload content, review work, and safely share information in real-time with your team.

  • Review documents with partners and co-edit (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Easy web portal sign-up and sign in for your clients and partners. 
  • Connects with your Microsoft and Google applications.  
  • Fully customizable with client branding. 

The #1 B2B portal solution

Combining content, files, and people, enterprise portal software from Huddle ensures all of your important enterprise content and activity is kept in one, auditable place, making it the right software for medium to large enterprises. 

  • Build a live knowledge base of important enterprise content
  • Cloud-based and nothing to install; securely access via a web browser
  • Integrate your enterprise Single sign-on 2FA solution for added security 
  • Control access to your content across internal teams, clients, and partners.

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