Accounting Client Portal

Unique, client-branded spaces where teams can manage the collection of client files, securely share content, and manage project deliverables. 

The most secure solution for accountants

For today’s accounting firms, success requires greater collaboration, agility and client engagement. A Huddle client portal provides a branded experience for your clients to review work, securely share information, and engage with your team. And, because a Huddle client portal is cloud-based, you'll never miss an important client update. Huddle will automatically sync the latest activity across all of your devices, and manages versions, so that everyone always has access to the latest documents, actions, and tasks.

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Build trusted client relationships

From the smallest engagement to the largest multi-national project, Huddle allows accounting professionals to work more efficiently together, and with their clients. With a Huddle client portal to manage project and client documentation you not only improve efficiency but mitigate errors and avoid costly delays. 

Combining content, files, and people, a Huddle client portal ensures all of your important client activity is kept in one, auditable, central location. And, because a client portal built with Huddle benefits from bank-level encryption, your IP is protected and your clients have complete confidence.  It’s the perfect way to connect teams with clients and create a more engaging, trusted client relationship.

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Track client activity

We're trusted by seven of the top ten global accountancy networks. Our reputation is built not only on our security, but the user experience we offer to your clients.  It's simple to set-up, and use - even for your clients. All they need is an internet connection and an email address! There’s nothing to install and no complex sign-up process. Within minutes you can securely upload documents, share documents (including sensitive data such as financial documents), discuss updates, and track activity.

And, because everyone’s activity is tracked and time-stamped, if you share a document through Huddle, and audit trail lets you easily see when your client views your document, and who they’ve shared it with.

Document management made easy

Document management is easy in Huddle. If you need to collate client documents at the start of a project, you can even use your Huddle client portal to request source documents directly from your client by using the File Request feature - it saves time, administration and keeps projects on track. It's also more secure than sharing client files through email. With Huddle, you can request up to 500 files at a time, with assignees automatically notified of new requests. Clients tell us it's 80% more efficient than email. And, because Huddle is cloud-based, your content is always available - no matter where you're working.

Better collaboration

Huddle offers all of the tools you need to collaborate on work together. 

  • Document shared in huddle include their own comment stream, so clients can easily engage with your teams.
  • Assign tasks, set approvals and track status.
  • Manage document versions. Huddle automatically manages document revisions so everyone's always connected to the latest version. 
  • Integrates with your Microsoft and Google applications - open files directly into your existing apps, make changes, save and automtaically sync a new version back to huddle. 
  • Real-time co-editing of documents (requires Microsoft Office Online)
  • Manage team and user permissions.

The most effective solution

A Huddle client portal takes the pain out of collaborating and file sharing externally. With government-grade security, granular permissions control, and a clean, simple to use interface, it's the leading solution for accounting professionals.

  • Quick to deploy and easy to manage. No heavy IT-support required for you or your clients.
  • Simple sign-up process for your clients using their own email address.
  • Drag and drop files (including large files up to 10Gb). All file types supported. 
  • Live preview files, without having to download them.
  • Secure mobile apps to keep you connected when you're on the road.
  • Security measures that your clients trust.

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Bank-grade security makes the Huddle the best soltuion for building your client portals. Discover what makes us so secure and trusted.


Request files from clients

Huddle takes the pain out of bulk document collection, so you save time and keep work on track. Find out how.