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Huddle replaces the inefficiencies and security risks associated with collating and sharing board materials through email and paper copies.

No more security risks 

Huddle isn't like other board portal software; move your agendas, meeting materials, and discussions into a secure and collaborative portal that’s user-friendly, and accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

  • Strict Security: Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of board information, security and confidentiality is critical.  Huddle combines two-factor authentication, role-based access control, and full data encryption of content within your board portal.
  • Accessibility: Board members must be able to review documents and communicate with other board members at any time, even when they are on the road, or travelling with limited connectivity. Huddle's mobile applications keep board members connected wherever they are, while bookmarked board documents can be reviewed offline. 
  • Board Pack Creation: Organizers and secretaries require an effective way to collate confidential board pack materials. File gathering is simple with Huddle and removes the need to use email attachments. With just a couple of clicks you can create file gathering requests to easily collate board materials from across the business.
  • Online Collaboration:  To aid better decision making, your board members need to be able to collaborate on documents, while maintaining document governance and security. Huddle provides all of the collaboration features your board needs to co-edit in real time, control document versions, and manage approvals. 
  • External sharing: Secure document sharing outside of the company firewall can be challenging, with board members often relying on email. With Huddle, it's easy to extend your security controls, and maintain control of board materials as they are shared across the entire board of directors and observers. 
  • Audit history: To meet your obligations for corporate governance, it's vital that you can maintain an audit history spanning document revisions, approvals, and user access. A board portal from Huddle tracks and time-stamps all document and user activity.
Share Files With Your Board

For board members

  • Speed-up work. Your time is at a premium. Co-author documents, annotate, automatically chase approvals, and share updates with the board with a single click.
  • Stay connected. Never miss important updates. Huddle syncs activity across all of your devices and manages versions, so everyone always has access to the latest documents, actions, and tasks.
  • Track activity. All content and user activity is tracked and timestamped, making it easy to check if board members have read that important report.

File Sharing And Client Portal Software

For IT leaders

  • Safeguard data. Unlike email, Huddle means your board never compromise sensitive information. Featuring support for 2FA, SSO and Mobile Device Management, board communications have never been so secure.
  • Auditable activity. All content and activity is tracked for compliance and archiving, giving you the ability to meet governance requirements for the control of sensitive company materials.
  • Easy to deploy and manage. Huddle can be deployed in minutes, and because it’s so user friendly, teams require minimal IT support.

Client Portal For Board Members

For organizers

  • Manage your time. Automatically chase approvals, set events, coordinate calendars, and share updates with the entire board with a single click.
  • No more email attachments. File gathering is simple with Huddle. With just a couple of clicks you can create file gathering requests to easily collate reference materials from across the business.
  • Easily control access to files. Set permissions and manage access rights for individuals both within, and outside of your organization.

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