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From member networks that need to collaborate on cross-border bids and projects, to firms that want to deliver a more engaging client experience, Huddle is the leading collaboration portal for accountancy and advisory firms. 

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Why Huddle?

"To bring our global network together and deliver exceptional results to our clients, we use Huddle to share knowledge and resources."

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Manage complex engagements

Huddle is a next-generation collaboration portal, and a more secure and intuitive way to manage complex engagements with external stakeholders.

From the collection and preparation of client files, and controlling document revisions, through to managing stakeholder feedback, tasks and approvals, Huddle keeps teams, and their clients, focussed on the work that matters.

Manage Your Content

Keep work on track

  • Improve bid efficiency: Huddle’s cloud-based Workspaces allow teams from multiple member firms to safely work together on international bids.  Clients report a 30% efficiency gain when using Huddle to manage their bids.

  • Better project coordination: Huddle includes all the features you need to keep projects moving. From, document collaboration and version control, to task and approval management.

  • A more engaging client experience: A Huddle Workspace can also be accessed by your clients, allowing them to interact and collaborate directly with your team.

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Keep control of sensitive content

  • A single source of truth. Huddle keeps all of the people, files, and activity connected to your work in one secure, auditable space.

  • Safeguard data. Unlike email, Huddle’s security controls mean you’ll never compromise sensitive company IP or client data when working with external stakeholders.

  • Stay connected. Never miss an important update. Huddle syncs activity across all of your devices, so you always have access to the latest files, comments, tasks and more.

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A more engaging experience

  • Never miss a deadline. Assign deadlines, and check outstanding and approvals to keep projects moving.

  • Improved productivity. Our collaboration features allow you to co-author documents, automatically manage feedback and revisions, and share updates with your team and clients.

  • Works the way you need it to. Huddle offers a number of integrations, including SharePoint, Slack, and an out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft O365.

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Frequently asked questions

Which accountancy firms use Huddle?

Huddle is used, and trusted, by many of the industry’s leading accountancy networks – helping them to manage client engagements and create more secure, efficient, and engaging experience.

Can my clients access Huddle?

Yes. Simply invite your clients into a dedicated Huddle Workspace where they can access and collaborate on files, share updates, progress tasks and approvals, and more. In Huddle you can even track their activity and see which files they are viewing.

Do I have to pay for a Huddle license for my clients?

No. Most of our plans offer free licenses for your clients.

How does Huddle improve efficiency?

Not only does Huddle offer a more secure way to work, but it also increases efficiency. Files can be gathered faster, tasks and approvals tracked, and your work better coordinated to avoid duplication of effort.

Can Huddle be used for cross-network projects?

For accountancy networks looking to collaborate on international bids or client engagements, Huddle is the perfect solution. Member firms can work securely together in a secure Huddle Workspace, whatever their location.