Overcoming SharePoint limitations with Huddle

Microsoft SharePoint (server edition) remains a familiar component in many enterprise environments. Unfortunately, user adoption can often fall short of IT and management expectations, particularly in today’s agile enterprise where employees demand greater levels of collaboration, mobility and social interaction. 


Recent studies have shown that as few as 11% of SharePoint deployments are recognized as a success by the wider business. However very few organizations show willingness to replace SharePoint in its entirety, opting instead to adopt complementary products and services to extend functionality against key use cases. In fact, only 4% of large organizations today rely on SharePoint as the sole content management and collaboration system within the business, with almost a quarter enhancing collaboration functionality with tools such as Huddle.


This whitepaper explains how Huddle can extend SharePoint functionality for organizations looking to develop a use case for improved external collaboration, mobile productivity and greater user adoption.