Content collaboration for the mobile workforce

The mobile invasion is here. No one is chained to his or her desktop anymore. Business is conducted on the move, on a mobile device—walking to work, getting on a plane, from a beach.

Today’s workforce is not just portable, but also collaborative. Knowledge workers need to seamlessly create, manage, share, and process content. They want a secure online environment where information can easily be accessed across the firewall by team members and partners—whether they are connecting from a mobile device, desktop, or the web.

Email? Users are already exhausted by the content overload and version control is near impossible. Consumer file sharing apps?  Issues surrounding mobile security and a lack of enterprise control over data loss prevention. Microsoft SharePoint? A laundry list of issues spanning ease of use in a mobile environment, security, connectivity, and total cost of ownership.

Here’s how to empower your mobile workforce with a next-generation content  collaboration platform.