Client portals for accounting firms: Huddle

What are the best client portals for accounting and advisory firms?

Huddle: Create safe, unique and branded portals for your clients

Huddle’s cloud-based client portal enables a bespoke experience for accounting and advisory firms to use with their clients. It provides a safe and unique environment to review work, securely share information and collaborate efficiently. Not only that, but Huddle’s File Request feature enables all participants, from your accounting team to clients and stakeholders, to have a transparent view of the file collection process so nothing is missed. Huddle gives accounting and advisory firms the security, easy collaboration and efficiency that clients expect from their professional relationships. Follow in the footsteps of industry leaders.

Top three benefits

Engage and develop trusted client relationships by bringing people, documents and actions together in one central, bespoke environment that can be individually branded to represent your clients. Huddle is the perfect solution for accountants and advisors to work securely and effectively.

  1. Government-grade security. Huddle is a trusted leader in secure collaboration. With government-grade security and bank-level encryption, your clients can be confident that their intellectual property and data is protected; making it a safer way to send and share data than traditional methods such as email.
  2. Collaboration. Huddle allows you to keep control of document versions, co-edit, make comments and revisions and collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world. All activity conducted in Huddle is fully tracked with the name of users and timestamps of actions made, creating an audit trail along the way that you can generate reports from.
  3. Efficiency. In Huddle you can store, request and organise documents in an easy to manage environment. With all your documents and communications in one centralised, accessible arena, you can save time and frustrating administration whilst keeping projects on track.