Client engagement survey 2022: UK results

How do cybersecurity and ease of collaboration affect the client experience?


An independent survey of over 250 accounting and advisory professionals in the UK has explored the connection between the client experience and data security. At the heart of this are the methods firms use to collaborate with their clients, including the sharing of sensitive documents.

The results show that the need to work both transparently and at pace on client projects means that the most convenient ways of communicating often out-weigh the most secure option. At the same time, there are clear signs that the more channels there are for sharing data, the more fragmented the collaboration process becomes.

This report highlights the risks that these factors present, along with the commercial impact on client relationships.

The context behind this survey is to increase the focus on cybersecurity in the industry, bring to light the upsurge in remote working and to show the growing desire to embrace new technologies, from both clients and industry professionals. A common thread throughout is the need to retain clients by keeping projects on time and on budget.

Key findings 

  1. Over 40% have seen costs go up for clients on audit and tax projects due to inefficient collaboration
  2. Over 60% use insecure methods to share files with clients
  3. Only half have been asked to accept new IT and data security polices for remote working


Download this paper to discover:

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How has the surge in remote working affected the way in which employees communicate with their clients?
Are organisations adapting to the modern workplace?
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How can firms deliver a client experience that is focused on quality and security?