Huddle for AEC: The business case for embedding a secure single source of the truth platform

In a world where you can work from anywhere, AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms need to re-evaluate the ways in which they can securely liaise and connect with their team and contacts. Many are investing in client portals as they are a more effective way to protect data as well as communicating with customers and team members who work from home, satellite sites or even overseas.

Cyber security is not the sole concern for a large firm; small and medium-sized firms are seen as soft targets and are open to a greater risk of attack. The need for a single source of the truth platform is becoming the standard requirement when working with multiple different clients and companies across AEC industries.

As more and more firms embrace digital platforms, investing in digital transformation for your company now will help to keep projects on time and to budget.

Download our business case to discover:

  • Why client portals are becoming an essential tool with AEC
  • Common methods of cyber-attack on AEC businesses - and how a secure client portal mitigates these
  • How client portals and branded client workspaces help firms to retain clients
  • Our checklist for choosing the optimal client portal for your busines