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We make external collaboration frictionless for all your stakeholders.

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Huddle is more than a file sharing tool

When you’re looking for a more engaging, secure, and efficient way of managing your client and partner relationships there are a number of challenges you need to overcome: security and access, visibility and transparency, fragmented document management and disjointed client engagement.

We make it easy to securely collaborate with your clients and external stakeholders beyond both your firewalls. Share licenses, set accessibility permissions, manage projects, and create a complete audit trail; all whilst keeping client engagement at a productive pace.

“The use of Huddle as a collaboration tool is invaluable and contributes to our awarding of contracts.”



Why you need Huddle for external collaboration

Tools like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Sharefile are built around files and folder structures – essentially becoming your C: Drive in the cloud.

Unlike these off-the-shelf products, Huddle's unique and holistic Workspace and client portal approach to initiatives and collaboration make it simple to create secure spaces in the cloud, where you can fully engage and work with your clients.

“Huddle is very intuitive—it’s the ‘LinkedIn’ of collaboration platforms. When we work together on a project, no time is wasted learning the system; people are productive almost immediately.”

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Share Licenses with Ease

Unprofessional and disjointed client engagement practices damage the client experience.
Share the use of licenses with your clients and external stakeholders and be up and running in seconds. 70% of client losses are the result of poor collaboration. Huddle makes it easy for you to be more transparent, offer a high level of security and show productivity by giving access in the right way.

“It takes about 30 seconds to add someone to a Huddle Workspace, and they can start reviewing existing information and providing new documents immediately.”

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Bid Management

Bidding for new business can be complex and resource heavy. Huddle offers a flexible, and highly secure solution for managing the bid process and collaborating on the large volume of data that accompanies any proposal.

Because Huddle creates a secure audit trail against all content and tasks, it also satisfies potential NDA requirements to track and delete confidential bid reference documents.

“The questions the partners and member firms are now being asked when they’re pitching for work is no longer ‘Do you use a client portal?’, it’s ‘What kind of client portal do you use?'”


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Multi-agency collaboration Government

Many multi-agency initiatives require agility and coordination of effort around a large volume of documentation.

As the first cloud collaboration vendor to achieve FedRAMP ATO in the U.S. and Cyber Essentials and ISO standards in the U.K., find out how Huddle can work for your government agency.

Huddle is a simple, secure and efficient single source of truth for all your external collaboration

Be productive in seconds without compromising yours or your client’s data.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is secure mobile working?

When teams are working remotely; either at home, in different offices, or when traveling - security can easily be overlooked. A tool like Huddle ensures that content is always protected, no matter where users access it from.

What are the challenges of working remotely?

The people involved in your work might not all have access to the same file stores, or apps. Because Huddle is cloud-based, your stakeholders can always access the right information, check on the latest activity and even monitor tasks and approvals.

Why is mobile security important?

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets make accessing information simple, even when you are on the road. Huddle allows you to “lock and wipe” Huddle app data if a device is lost or stolen, protecting your sensitive content.

Does Huddle offer mobile apps for Android and iOS?

Yes. Huddle offers native apps for both Android and iOS devices – meaning you can access files, check tasks and comments, and even monitor approval while on the move.

How can I secure a mobile workforce?

Huddle allows your workforce, and even partners and clients, to stay connected to the latest updates, tasks, file revisions and more. It does not matter whether they are working from home, across multiple offices, or simply traveling, if they are working in Huddle, their activity is secured.