#1 SharePoint Alternative

Whether your organization is already using SharePoint or you’re looking for a better option, Huddle is the perfect alternative.

As you probably already know, SharePoint suffers from incredibly low user adoption. A recent report found that 40% of organizations don’t consider their on-premise SharePoint implementation to be a success – with two-thirds (67 percent) blaming this on inadequate user training, 66 percent saying it's too difficult to use, and 64 percent reporting that lack of support from senior management is the reason that their deployments have failed.

SharePoint Online struggles in the same way. 2016 data finds that only 35% of organizations with an O365 subscription are using SharePoint Online – with only 2% of their employees actively using it!

Quite simply, complexity is driving users to find alternatives - faster, easier ways to accomplish the same thing – and this can turn your ROI upside down.

Understand the “hidden” costs

SharePoint is also known for being expensive and difficult to administer - an unwieldy beast, wearing an outrageous price tag. But you may already know that. If you haven’t yet adopted SharePoint, it’s a good idea to use a SharePoint Calculator to see the total cost of deployment and the operations of software and hardware that stretch far beyond licensing prices.

Even with SharePoint Online (where the license costs are bundled within your O365 subscription), the hidden cost of deployment and administration can quickly mount up. Training, migration, customization, administration and implementation should all be considered in your ROI analysis. In the first year of a deployment, non-license costs can actually consume 67% of the Total Cost of Ownership.

So, when someone in your business tells you that SharePoint Online is “free”, tell them to think again and show them our SharePoint Online “Hidden Costs” infographic!


On the flipside, Huddle is the most powerful SharePoint alternative available. It’s cost effective, can be deployed in minutes –and users love it for its blend of security and ease of use.

Key Benefits


Huddle can be deployed in a matter of minutes, compared to SharePoint, which takes weeks, or even months for an on-premise deployment.  Usage spreads quickly across your department and Huddle scales easily with your organization.

People proactively use Huddle because it’s powerful, yet easy to learn and use every day. Huddle’s remarkably intuitive design is one of the major reasons Huddle is the #1 SharePoint alternative. It’s engineered to be the kind of content collaboration environment we all want to use.


Built with enterprise and government-grade security, Huddle meets and exceeds most security requirements. In fact, thousands of organizations all over the world use Huddle every day, including the U.S. and UK governments, and large global enterprises including Kia, Disney, KPMG and Keolis.

Once you’ve set up a Huddle workspace, only users you’ve invited are allowed access to your content—without exception! Your sensitive, confidential files are stored and shared in a bulletproof environment – in fact, multiple levels of security protocols make Huddle one of the most secure SharePoint alternatives ever created.

Quite simply, Huddle makes collaboration simple and secure. It manages your files, tasks and team communication in one place. It becomes your hub of activity, meaning you spend less time organizing documents and tasks, chasing approvals, and searching through email - and more time delivering exceptional results.


Huddle is in the cloud and, unlike SharePoint on-premise, there are no updates or patches to install and no on-premise hardware to run. That means no more IT headaches, nothing to figure out, and no more time-wasted.


One of Huddle’s key strengths is the ability to collaborate quickly and easily with people outside of your firewall. Try doing that in SharePoint. If you’re using an on-premise deployment this will likely mean raising an IT helpdesk ticket and having your client added to you internal active directory – no something IT admins enjoy doing! If you’re using SharePoint Online, don’t forget the person you’re collaborating with will also need an O365 subscription of Microsoft account.

That’s just another barrier to simple and effective collaboration, and one that Huddle has eliminated altogether. If you want to see just how complex the SharePoint Online registration process is for your external users – here’s a useful infographic!


Huddle makes it easy for you to create, share, edit, and collaborate on content, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. Access your files, folders, and workspaces from your smartphone or tablet. Everyone you’re working with can provide feedback no matter where they are, whether on a flight, at the bus stop, or out for coffee. Huddle’s mobile apps automatically synchronize you to the latest files and team activity.


Unlike SharePoint, Huddle comes with the expertise of a world-class Customer Success team. They’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and what your ROI target looks like. From here they’ll then work with your team to get them up and running immediately!

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