SEGA selects Huddle to support seamless collaboration on transatlantic gaming projects

14 March 2013

SEGA of America, Inc., the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media, has turned to the cloud to enable the U.S. and UK branches of the Digital Business team to share and work on valuable project content like its flagship Sonic the Hedgehog series. Using Huddle, the SEGA team now has access to a central knowledgebase and communication between geographically-dispersed colleagues and external contractors has significantly improved.

With teams across Europe and the U.S., SEGA’s Digital Business team was faced with the challenge of working togethereffectively on complicated gaming projects, and managing marketing plans and milestones. SEGA turned to Huddle to avoid the fragmentation of information across teams, keep track of content versions via full audit trails and reduce reliance on shared network drives, FTP and emails.

Using Huddle, SEGA’s Digital Business team created a central, secure knowledgebase for all market research and information relating to the business. As well as providing everyone involved in projects with access to the most up-to-date information, Huddle ensures that all conversations and feedback on content are stored in once place. Producers can effectively manage milestones on the games that they are working on; decision makers have full visibility of where projects are at any time.

“Huddle has transformed the way the team works and enabled us to move away from the cumbersome and complex tools that often made working together such a challenge,” said Chris Olson, VP Digital Business at SEGA, “With all relevant content and conversations stored in one place, Huddle has significantly reduced our dependency on email and the need for face-to-face meetings, which is fantastic. Huddle is simple to manage, flexible and the easy to use interface means that people didn’t find it daunting or need hours of training. As well as enabling the team to get work done quickly, we could customize the platform to give it a familiar SEGA flavour for workers.”

Being web-based, all relevant parties – internal and external – can access Huddle on the move via their mobile devices. All updates to content can be immediately viewed and SEGA’s Digital Business team no longer has to rely on numerous spreadsheets to establish where a project is in its lifecycle.

“SEGA’s Digital Business team presents a great example of how complex technology systems no longer support the new ways of working,” said Alastair Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of Huddle. “Today’s workforce has to work effectively with people inside and outside of the firewall and it’s great to see such a renowned brand using Huddle to bring teams across the globe together to streamline projects and work on valuable content in a secure cloud environment. “