Huddle unveils secure publishing platform

28 August 2014

Intelligence on enterprise content set to improve efficiency, increase security and reduce costs

Huddle today announced its secure publishing platform, with full analytics dashboard, which is set to transform the way enterprise and government organizations worldwide measure, track and interact with the files that they share and publish. By providing organizations with intelligence around completed content published at scale and how it is being consumed, Huddle complements its existing intelligent recommendation engine, which surfaces relevant content for each user within large organizations.

Building on Huddle’s focus on secure team collaboration, within and across the firewall, the secure publishing platform sees the company extend its capabilities into large-scale, enterprise-wide publishing. Organizations will have the ability to publish final, read-only versions of documents to a secure audience and monitor all activities around the files. As well as overcoming the issues associated with distributing documentation via email, courier, FTP or the postal service – such as cost and lack of security – organizations will be able to measure and improve their business transactions.

“Just as there was a shift from traditional advertising methods to online advertising due to the fact it could be measured and tracked, a similar transformation is now taking place in digital document publishing,” explains Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle. “Large enterprises and governments now want more control and intelligence around the information they’re distributing and, for us, secure publishing is more than just sharing a link to a file. It’s about combining digital publishing with analytics and providing organizations with much needed insight into the effectiveness of their content and how it’s being consumed. With this intelligence, organizations can improve how they do business. Our vision is to provide organizations with a metrics dashboard for their enterprise content, comparable to that already seen in CRM and Marketing Resource Management software. Our clients already estimate savings of between £60,000 to £100,000 by simply cutting their annual print, courier and postal expenses. We believe that by taking digital distribution to the next level and layering in analytics, organizations will be able to make more informed business decisions and transform the way they work.”

“When Huddle launched its intelligent recommendation engine, the company was first to the market and set the standard around predictive content,” states Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research.  “Now, with its publishing platform and analytics dashboard, providing organizations with full insight around the content they’re publishing, Huddle is again demonstrating innovation. The future of work is all about predictive business apps that deliver more intelligence to people, so they can get their work done far more efficiently and quickly."

Huddle’s new capabilities continue to support the needs of its large-scale enterprise and government clients. In the first half of 2014, Huddle saw enterprise deals increase three-fold over the same period last year and secured seven of its ten largest contracts to date. Huddle’s clients include Williams Lea, Go-Ahead Group, Keolis, Beats By Dre, Concentrix, and Driscoll’s.
Customers who are evaluating Huddle’s secure publishing and analytics platform are highlighting the following use cases:

If thousands of technicians need to acknowledge and accept receipt of a new training manual, Huddle will enable organizations to securely publish the file to the technicians’ mobile devices, monitor and handle the interactions, answer questions from the technicians, and follow up privately with individuals yet to review the content
When working on large construction projects, Building Information Modeling (BIM) documentation often needs to be delivered to clients as “issues” of audited information. These documents are likely to be used to manufacture or build systems, so organizations need a bullet proof audit of what has been delivered when, and to whom
Huddle’s analytics dashboard and secure publishing platform will:

  • Allow users to publish a file to a secure audience, employing security measures such as one-time passwords and expiry dates
  • Enable organizations to continue to work on a file and choose when to re-publish it
  • Provide organizations with the ability to revoke the published file – either temporarily or permanently – and then re-enable it
  • Give organizations access to an analytics dashboard around business transaction metrics, including:
  • Whether a document has been viewed
  • What percentage of people have and haven’t viewed a document
  • Who has acknowledged reading it
  • Key trends around a document

Huddle’s secure publishing platform and analytics platform will be available early 2015 and Huddle customers can register their interest today.