Huddle unveils dynamic web acceleration

30 September 2015

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON – September 30, 2015 – Huddle today announced the launch of Dynamic Web Acceleration for its cloud collaboration platform; effectively increasing transfer rates by an average of 80 percent without compromising security. Huddle is the leader in secure cloud collaboration tools for enterprise and government, and this update means users will enjoy best-in-class speeds when sharing and collaborating on files through the cloud.

Heavy Web traffic can dramatically impact performance, and slow upload and download speeds can be a major source of frustration for users of any cloud-based service. Huddle’s Dynamic Web Acceleration bypasses Internet bottlenecks by using dedicated infrastructure in over 99 cities globally. This reduces the number of “hops” files have to make as they pass between the Huddle data center and the user’s device.

“Just as heavy traffic can bring your commute to a grinding halt, so too can heavy Web traffic impact transfer and load times,” said Julien Rizzo, product manager, Huddle. “At Huddle our goal is to make cloud collaboration easier, and part of this is ensuring our users don’t get stuck waiting for an important file when they need it most."

“Because our enterprise and government clients work globally we haven’t just looked at optimizing speeds in one or two locations like many competing services. Instead we’ve looked to find a solution that dramatically improves the experience on a global level, even in some of the most challenging regions. Globally we see an average upload of 4 MB/sec with speeds of up 6 MB/sec recorded. For users transferring large files, such as video, the speed improvement is incredible.”

Today’s users expect unimpeded access to information from anywhere, and at anytime, and Dynamic Web Acceleration ensures that Huddle customers never waste a moment. Moreover, because end-to-end encryption retains data integrity, customers can be assured that while their data is moving faster, it’s still as safe as ever.

“Many collaboration solutions on the market today make a compromise between security, data sovereignty and speed as they search for faster transfer rates,” adds Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle. “We work with governments and highly regulated industries, so a compromise simply wasn’t an option for us. Security is at the core of everything we do at Huddle; it’s what our clients expect from us. With dedicated infrastructure around the world, Huddle’s Dynamic Web Acceleration ensures we continue to meet this expectation, while helping their data to avoid the Internet bottlenecks that are slowing everyone else down.”

Enterprise and government organizations worldwide use Huddle to collaborate, create and manage files and projects in the cloud.

Dynamic Web Acceleration is available to all users on the Huddle global data center.