Huddle works with US agency pacific communications

01 August 2013

Huddle today announced that Pacific Communications, the West Coast’s largest full-service healthcare communications agency, has selected its next generation content collaboration platform to enable teams to work on and share information.

Working with geographically dispersed teams and clients to deliver campaigns on time and within budget, creative agencies are constantly faced with the challenge of securely sharing and collaborating on collateral. Documents such as press announcements and plans, as well as artwork and video files, are often sent to colleagues via online FTP, email and even courier. Being cloud-based, Huddle ensures that all relevant parties – regardless of their location and what device they are working on – can securely access, review and comment on content. Huddle provides a central environment where all project information can be stored, so that content is not fragmented across people’s desktops, inboxes and personal devices, and everyone has full visibility of the latest file versions and project progress.

“Supporting secure cross-firewall collaboration, Huddle is a natural fit for creative agencies,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “Campaigns often bring together multiple departments within a client’s company, as well as numerous agencies and suppliers, that all need to share and work on materials together. The technology needed to support such project collaborationneeds to be secure, agile and flexible and we’re delighted that Pacific Communications has joined our growing portfolio of creative clients.”