Huddle launches Huddle for Microsoft Office

30 January 2014

Increases worker productivity by bringing secure file sharing and cloud collaboration features directly to Microsoft Office applications

Office workers can now work together seamlessly in Huddle’s secure cloud via their Microsoft Office tools thanks to Huddle for Office. Extending Huddle’s Connected Desktop experience, Huddle for Office combines the power of office productivity tools with Huddle’s cloud collaboration service. Users can now save files into their Huddle workspaces directly from Microsoft Office applications and each Word, PowerPoint and Excel file will include a full Huddle comment stream alongside it. Teams can provide feedback on content, make changes and reply in-context to co-workers using @ mentions and can use Huddle’s cloud collaboration features without having to leave the applications and open a web browser.

“People’s devices – PCs, laptops, desktops and tablets – are now simply a doorway to their world of work as the cloud gives them access to their files, colleagues’ feedback and all the information they need,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO. “Skipping between the applications on your desktop and cloud service to share information and discuss files with people is time-consuming and disrupts your workflow. With Huddle for Office, you can continue working in the desktop tools you’re used to, but all of your feedback, files and updates are stored and shared in Huddle’s secure cloud. Connecting with the people you need to and working together on your content has never been easier.”

The Huddle for Office integration is available today and its key features are:

  • Save directly to Huddle’s secure cloud – Skip the step of saving files to your hard drive. You can now save new or existing Word, PowerPoint or Excel files directly to the secure Huddle cloud in one click. As you go through and make any changes, they will be automatically saved into your Huddle workspaces without you having to leave Microsoft Office
  • Comment on files directly in Microsoft Office – Social commentary appears alongside documents enabling efficient collaboration with colleagues from desktop, cloud or mobile devices
  • View recent files instantly – Not only can you open any file from inside Office, you can now choose any of the recent files you have been working on without having to open your web browser
  • Audit trails and version control – All activities, comments and updates against a file will be tracked via Huddle’s full audit trail for security and compliance purposes and should you need to access a previous file version you can do so