Huddle integrates with Xobni

12 October 2010

Huddle, the company that lets you connect and work securely with other people in the cloud, today announced its integration with the Xobni sidebar, the Microsoft Office Outlook search and relationship add-in that has been downloaded nearly six million times. Huddle’s gadget in Xobni will help workers increase productivity and efficiency, enabling them to view information stored in their workspaces when in Outlook.

Xobni and Huddle users will now have instant visibility of project workflows, the most recent communications between team members and immediate access to the latest versions of uploaded files in their inboxes. An auto-identification feature will also provide people with insight into contacts that share a Huddle workspace with them and their profile details.

People’s personal and professional networks are rapidly expanding. Worldwide email traffic alone is expected to reach 507 billion messages per day by 2013, so the need to filter through content and process relevant information is becoming increasingly important.

“People now receive a constant stream of communication via email, social networking sites and mobile devices,” said Andy McLoughlin, Co-founder and EVP Strategy, Huddle. “Combine this continuous flow of information with the fact that many people work on assignments with geographically dispersed teams, customers and suppliers, and you have a huge amount of content and relationships that need to be managed. By combining collaboration in the cloud with communication management on the desktop, our partnership with Xobni will enable smarter working and make the office a more productive environment. People will now have user profiles, contact information, files and workspaces at their fingertips.”

“Our enterprise users see tremendous value in the business information and structure we bring to the inbox, where workers spend on average 40 per cent of their day,” said Eric Grafstrom, SVP of Operations, Xobni. “Xobni and Huddle have a shared interest in helping users be more productive, and this partnership is a great example of how we work with partners to deliver enterprise productivity in the inbox, and ultimately deliver value to the end users.”

The Huddle application will sit alongside LinkedIn, Facebook and Hoovers in the Xobni sidebar.


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