Huddle empowers the future of mobile collaboration with new iOS release

02 April 2013

Consumer simplicity and enterprise security come together with Huddle mobile services

Huddle has announced a major new release of its mobile content collaboration service. Available today, the new Huddle apps for iPhone and iPad will expand the capabilities of knowledge workers to share and work on valuable content from anywhere, at any time. Responding to the needs of the modern workforce, the apps enable immediate image and document uploads to the Huddle secure cloud, enhanced commenting features and easier content sharing with colleagues within and beyond the firewall.

Cloud, mobile and social technologies are changing the collaboration landscape. In today’s 24/7 digital age consumers expect information to be at their fingertips and there is now a demand for such instant gratification in the enterprise. Teams not only expect access to the information they require, they need it to be able to interact and work seamlessly with their colleagues and extended enterprise ecosystem of partners, suppliers and contractors when out of the office.

When working on the move, even a second can make a difference when it comes to providing teams with the latest information, such as building schematics, budgets or shop floor plans. By 2016, analyst house Gartner predicts that 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile and two-thirds of this workforce will own a smartphone[1], so it is increasingly important for organizations to support dynamic teams with the technology required for mobile content collaboration.

“Our customers are now more mobile than ever and looking for ways to share and work on valuable content from wherever they are” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “We’re extremely excited about the release of these new mobile apps, which will help our customers drive huge productivity and efficiency gains. With the consumerization of IT, it’s vital that enterprises make sure the security of their corporate content is not being sacrificed while employees are working together on the move, between meetings or from remote offices. These new Huddle apps give workers the ease-of-use and functionality they require – whether uploading images when working in the field, providing feedback on presentations or approving documents – and IT departments have peace of mind knowing that their content is securely managed in the Huddle cloud. It’s a win-win situation.”

Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research, commented: “As we move further into the Tablet Era, enterprises need fast and secure ways to access and collaborate on content from mobile devices. Huddle is helping enterprises along that path with the launch of its new mobile content collaboration apps.”


The new Huddle mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, when combined with the Huddle cloud service, enable users to work effectively any time, from anywhere. In particular, knowledge workers can:

  • Capture and immediately upload images into Huddle’s secure cloud
  • Upload documents, including email attachments, into relevant Huddle workspaces
  • View incoming and provide outgoing feedback and commentary from and to colleagues
  • Review and approve document changes, tasks and activities on the move
  • Share content with authorized colleagues within and beyond the firewall
  • Work offline and automatically synchronize comments, tasks and approvals when reconnected to the internet


Using Huddle’s intelligent recommendation technology, relevant content is delivered automatically to the knowledge worker’s mobile device. This immediately prioritizes the work that needs to be done in order to achieve their business goals, without needing to search through large enterprise file stores. The latest versions of documents are made available for viewing, commenting and sharing with distributed teams, anywhere in the world.

The mobile apps provide an entry-point into the secure Huddle cloud service. Enterprise content is stored securely in Huddle within designated workspaces that are designed for team collaboration.


The Huddle mobile apps for iPhone and iPad are available immediately free of charge on the iTunes App Store