Huddle breaks down barriers to collaboration with Unlimited Enterprise offering and True Uptime money-back guarantee

24 January 2012

The barriers to effective collaboration across organizations are set to collapse thanks to the Unlimited Enterprise offering unveiled today by Huddle, the leader in enterprise cloud collaboration and content management. Organizations can now collaborate with people across their entire business ecosystem, consisting of internal teams as well as customers, partners, contractors and suppliers, for free. With uptime still a major concern for CIOs when moving to cloud services, Huddle has also launched its 99.9 per cent True Uptime™ money-back guarantee.

According to Huddle’s research, 93 per cent of its customers use Huddle to work, not only with teams and departments within their own business, but at least one external organization. On average, Huddle’s customers are working with 25 other companies in their workspaces.[1] With large business ecosystems, becoming increasingly commonplace, working securely and effectively across the entire network can prove a significant challenge.

“Collaboration isn’t just about working with the people next to you, or even teams in other departments, it’s about sharing information with your entire business community,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “As our figures show, the modern enterprise relies on a wide network of external organizations to achieve its goals. Yet, traditional collaboration services, like SharePoint, lock information and people in silos. They were designed in a pre-internet era with the purpose of keeping content inside the firewall and the outside world, out.  Consequently, no one uses them. Huddle is inherently social, connecting all users – internal and external – on one secure cloud platform. With our Unlimited Enterprise offering, CIOs don’t need to worry about costs spiraling out of control as lite users are added at no additional cost. IT can also control who can access specific content. One of our customers has many thousands of internal users as well as more than 600 other companies in dedicated Huddle workspaces. This is true cloud collaboration and it’s hugely exciting.”

To make the move to cloud services an even lower risk for CIOs, Huddle has backed up its industry-first adoption guarantee with a 99.9 per cent True Uptime™ money-back guarantee. This includes all product updates, of which Huddle releases 13 a year, and maintenance.

“Many cloud providers offer uptime guarantees, but these agreements don’t cover scheduled downtime for maintenance so are in reality far lower than their headline number,” continues Mitchell. “Downtime is downtime, regardless of whether it’s scheduled or not, and such guarantees are useless if your service is down for hours over the weekend and you need to access information. Last year, Microsoft and Google both suffered from hours of outages that prevented people from accessing information, which in today’s 24/7 digital economy is unacceptable. With zero downtime to accommodate product updates and financial compensation rather than service credits, Huddle raises the bar for the industry.”

With Huddle’s Unlimited Enterprise offering, lite users can view or download files and comment on documents, files, whiteboards and discussions. The Unlimited Enterprise package also includes unlimited workspaces and API access, advanced customization options, full mobile access, data export, AD Integration and global support.


Recognizing that nonprofits can greatly benefit from technology to help them improve efficiency and connect global networks of staff, fundraisers and volunteers, Huddle has also extended its donation program.

Building on the success of Huddle’s current nonprofit work, which has already seen Huddle packages donated to thousands of nonprofits at a value of more than $3 million, this new extended offering ensures that every size of nonprofit organization can now benefit from Huddle. With no organizational budget cap, wider eligibility criteria and an extended global reach, the Huddle Donation Program ensures that a greater range of nonprofit organizations can now use the latest cloud collaboration technology. Huddle’s nonprofit users already include Comic Relief, World Wildlife Fund and UNICEF.

For organizations eligible for the Huddle Donation Program, an exclusive nonprofit Huddle package will be provided, including 10GB storage space, unlimited Huddle workspaces and mobile applications. In addition, for registered nonprofit organizations that are not eligible, a discount on standard Huddle pricing is now available.

[1] Figures from Huddle’s user base