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When sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects, or working with external partners, UK Government and public sector organisations use Huddle to reduce risk and improve security.

Trusted by UK Governments

Huddle is the largest provider of cloud content collaboration solutions on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace and is used by 80% of central government departments.

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The most secure way to share your documents


Replacing insecure file sharing tools, Huddle meets the Official Government Security Classification to offer a more secure way to share, manage and publish documents across internal teams and external stakeholders. Keep users synchronised to the latest version, lock documents, manage approvals and keep track of document activity from your desktop and mobile devices. 

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Effective multi-agency working

Enabling teams to work together in a secure, shared environment, Huddle overcomes the challenges of coordinating multi-agency projects. Keep teams and panels synchronised, documents secure and projects on track with complete control. 

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Manage external partners and suppliers with complete confidence

Huddle offers a secure, shared environment that allows you to work confidently with suppliers and partners. Robust security controls, audit trails and permissions keep your sensitive data secure and reduce risk when sharing and collaborating externally, including managing private sector tenders and contracts. 

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More efficient and secure inspection programmes

With many inspections requiring field work, Huddle allows inspectorates and the organizations they engage with to submit and fulfil document requests, collaborate on content, track document activity and manage access from their desktop and mobile devices.  

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