Transportation and Logistics

For today's transportation and logistics firms bidding for, and working on, large-scale projects with complex supply chains.

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Bid management

Siloed business information, duplication of effort and missed approvals can make bidding for new business time consuming and costly. With Huddle, it’s easy for bid teams to connect, share expertise, manage bid submissions, and track progress. Our government-grade security also allows you to keep sensitive materials secure and stay compliant with your public sector partners.

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Account management

From the smallest engagements to the largest multi-national projects, Huddle allows teams to work more efficiently together. It takes seconds to create secure Huddle workspaces where project documents are controlled, versions managed and tasks tracked – so no matter where your teams, clients or partners are located, everyone remains synchronized and connected.

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Field work

Keeping a distributed workforce connected is easy with Huddle. Available through mobile devices, Huddle ensures engineers working in the field are able to access the most up-to-date information, submit reports, share photos and multi-media content, and stay connected with their teams.

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Supplier management

Huddle offers a powerful solution to help you manage sub-contractors and partners – from managing tender submissions from your sub-contractors, to maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of documents to manage supplier performance. 

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