Rochdale Spears


Rochdale Spears selects Huddle to manage international projects and streamline processes from design to distribution. 

Rochdale Spears designs and manufactures high quality furniture and accessories. Founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Geoff Hawkes, Rochdale Spears is a British-owned enterprise established and operating in Vietnam. 

To manage customer details effectively with the high-level security measures required.

Rochdale Spears produces high quality furniture and accessories. It works alongside partners distributed across the globe to produce furniture for the high end market. The company needed a platform to support the process from design and development through to manufacture and distribution.

“With the rate at which we are creating products and the high quality expected, we needed a secure cloud-based system to store and manage all the content that we interact with from start to finish,” explains Geoff Hawkes, General Director, Rochdale Spears.


"Whenever  our clients log into Huddle. They’re always getting the most up to date version of any document or design and it’s easy to keep track of everything.”


Rochdale Spears uses Huddle to manage the client side of the business. As the team goes through the product development stage, the initial development ideas are uploaded into Huddle. The designs then go to the customer for approval: 

“This process can require a bit of back and forth between the customer and us to make sure we get it exactly right. That’s why Huddle’s version control feature is so useful. It means whenever we or our clients log into Huddle. They’re always getting the most up to date version of any document or design and it’s easy to keep track of everything,” explains Geoff.

Before Huddle, Rochdale Spears was using Dropbox but found that it wasn’t secure enough for the type of content collaboration required to manage an international business. With its pangovernment IL2 accreditation, Huddle provides Rochdale Spears with a secure location to store pertinent company data. 

“Security is very important to us as we use Huddle as a portal for our clients. It was reassuring to see that Huddle has an IL2 accreditation for UK Government. This gives our customers peace of mind that their data is safe and it’s essential that they can rely on us to develop the relationship,” said Geoff.

Rochdale Spears is also coordinating its distribution with large international retailers such as Century Furniture, Lillian August, and Restoration Hardware through Huddle. Its secure cloudbased platform enables them to keep all relevant documents in one central location. 

“Huddle has helped up reduce the number of emails sent by centralising our core data. With everything in one place, Huddle has helped us streamline our processes from design to distribution,” said Geoff.

Rochdale Spears currently has 100 users in the organisation. It plans to expand its use and user adoption across the organisation, making it a key part of daily business.