PZ Cussons


Fudge is a premium hair care brand sold predominantly through salons in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Fudge was purchased by PZ Cussons Plc, a leading consumer products group in Europe, Asia and Africa in January 2012. 

Following the acquisition of the Fudge brand by PZ Cussons earlier this year, Fudge is undergoing a strategic change in its marketing direction with the appointment of creative agencies to help expand its global footprint. This new marketing focus led the team to reevaluate the way they manage its agency and internal relationships. 

Previously relying on email, Yousendit and an intranet to manage the process of creating, editing, version control and approving documents, creative work and other materials, Fudge realized that it needed an easier way to manage the process. Taking advice from parent company PZ Cussons, the team chose to use Huddle, a service the parent company was already using. Each of the four beauty brands in PZ Cussons’ portfolio - Fudge, The Sanctuary Spa, St. Tropez and Charles Worthington – now has its own Huddle account. 

The Fudge marketing team now uses Huddle to share the majority of their marketing activity and communications. All materials required by the agencies, their partners and internal stakeholders are centrally stored on Huddle, reducing the number of emails that the teams have to send and putting the onus on partners to search for the materials they require. Tessa Watson, who manages the Huddle product at Fudge, explains: “We spend a lot of time sending emails to people with information that we knew they should have to hand. Using Huddle, we can see who has looked at the documents and when, and point people in the direction of materials they need or resources required to answer any questions they may have, rather than answering the same questions repeatedly”. 

In addition to the content collaboration features offered by Huddle, the portfolio of beauty brands at PZ Cussons will each have its own version of Huddle fully customized. Using logos and imagery from the specific brands, a tailor made workspace will be created, allowing the brands to take full ownership of the way the online environment looks without compromising on the technology. 

Huddle is currently being used by a small marketing team internally at Fudge but is used by up to 50 agencies. The other brands within the portfolio will soon follow. Tessa comments: “Huddle has been a really valuable addition to our team, allowing us to share materials much more effectively with our wider marketing team. All our agencies are encouraged to use Huddle to share information between each other and with us, which has significantly improved the way we work greatly. As people get used to Huddle, I can only see further improvement to our working processes.” 

As well as the beauty brands, PZ Cussons also has a network of hair salons throughout the UK and the US and in the next year will be rolling out Huddle across this network to better communicate and collaborate with the individual salons.