Panasonic Europe is part of the Global Panasonic Corporation, founded in 1918 when Japanese industrial pioneer Konosuke Matsushita started a small business manufacturing home electrical products. Panasonic provides the highest quality electronic products to customers and business worldwide with a product line up that ranges from its Smart Viera TVs to 152 inch large screens for businesses as well as products and solutions for the automotive, industrial, components and devices as well as the green energy sector. 

Panasonic Europe case study

Panasonic Europe dedicates itself to developing the very best in technology, working closely with a number of external agencies and suppliers. Restricted to working off internal servers and sharing information via email, the organisation was faced with the challenge of how to securely share large files with external organisations and internal teams based in different countries, working off different internal server infrastructures. With limitations on the size of email attachments, Panasonic Europe started looking for an online service. It required a tool that could be accessed 24/7 and enabled them to share information centrally and collaborate with partners around the clock.

“The main requirement for us was secure and central access; we needed to share important data with our PR agencies ahead of events and news announcements as well as marketing materials and video content,” explains Anne Guennewig, senior manager corporate communications, Panasonic Europe. “Previously we shared a lot of data through email but due to the limitations on this we needed a new system. We also didn’t want data sitting on people’s laptops as this not only has security implications, but limits who can access this data.”

Following research into the tools and services available, Panasonic Europe selected Huddle due to recommendations and the fact that the content collaboration platform allows users to securely upload numerous files of varying sizes and formats. It is also easy to establish the latest version of a document and content can either be viewed directly in the portal or downloaded to be edited.

“Huddle was recommended to us by one of our PR agencies that used the product. We evaluated a number of collaboration platforms and Huddle was the one that provided the best offering for what we were looking for. It was easy to use, even for people with varying technical backgrounds,” said Guennewig.

There are now more than 100 people using Huddle at Panasonic. Internally, there are a number of departments using the content collaboration platform to update and keep track of monthly reports and the latest messaging. It also provides a platform to create projects for European events where large files of creative materials need to be exchanged. Huddle’s clear audit trail makes it easy to see who has updated content and when the updates have been made. There are also a number of external suppliers working with Panasonic teams via Huddle. Each spring, Panasonic organises a product launch fair and needs to collaborate with a number of suppliers to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Guennewig explains: “Such events require a lot of preparation so we need everyone working together as a team with secure virtual access to all the content they need. There are a number of large documents that need to be shared, especially the presentations, which both internal teams and external audio visual agencies need access to.” 

Working with a number of external agencies, security is essential. Huddle enables Panasonic to select who they invite into each workspace and who can access which documents. 

“Security is a key point for Panasonic as we make some of the data available to our agencies under embargo. We do frequent user checks to see who the admins and users are and make sure that anyone who has left the company is removed from the workspace. We also encourage people to change their passwords frequently.”

Huddle is easy to use and its intuitive interface means that external users can get up and running straight away, without any additional training